About Trapdoor

Escape Rooms are one of the fastest growing venues in the world of immersive entertainment. Here's the idea: You, with a group of friends or strangers, enter a real life room from which you are given a set period of time to escape. Everything you need - keys, clues, and tools - to solve the puzzles and mysteries of the room are right in there with you. But you have to provide the focus, teamwork, and savvy to use them!

Trapdoor Escape Rooms offers the Eugene area with the very best puzzles and conundrums, creating a  challenging, but satisfying and fun, Escape Room experience. We artfully combine themed story-telling, technological wizardry, and captivating props, so each player is immersed in a compelling race to work together, solve the room, and escape with a story to tell...



The Mystic's Lair

A locally renowned fortune teller, Madame Amgine, recently died. On a dare, you and a group of associates enter her chambers in search of any secrets that might be hidden there. Without warning, her envious spirit traps your whole group within her lair and tasks you with a single goal: reveal the names of the 8 greatest Mystics of all time and add her name to that exalted assemblage.

And you must do it all before her greed for glory consumes both her lair and her soul, and perhaps even yours as well...

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We are located at 436 Charnelton St., on the the corner of Charnelton and 4th. Plenty of free 2-hour parking is available along 4th. Use the north entrance to the building (facing the train tracks.)

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We welcome all questions, feedback, and suggestions about our rooms and the puzzles they contain.