Trapdoor Escape Rooms

Frequently asked questions


I have never done an Escape Room before. Is it scary? What if we don’t get out in time?

Our Escape Rooms are fundamentally designed to be engaging and fun. It may at times seem a little spooky, and a certain tension can certainly build during the course of the game as you and your team attempt to solve the puzzles within the time limit, but there is nothing intended to be frightening, like jump scares, during the experience.

If the time expires before you have completed the Room’s puzzles, your team has failed. No worries though! We’ll still let you out, and if you want to stick around, we’ll walk you through the puzzles you missed or struggled with.


Will there be others in the Room with us?

We usually allow booking to capacity, so unless you reserve the entire room ($150 for the first 4 people, the $10/person after that), there is always a possibility other players will be joining you in the experience. But remember, it truly is a great way to meet people and can be a lot of fun to work with others who might have different perspectives and strengths.


Are we really locked in?

Yes. And no. The door does lock, but there is also a panic button right next to it for anyone who is feeling uncomfortable, needs to leave mid-game, or requires the restroom. Just remember, if you step out, the clock keeps running…


What if we want to bring more people than the website lets us purchase for?

The Mystic’s Lair is ideal for a group of 6-7, but can accommodate up to 12 comfortably. The Toymaker’s Revenge holds a maximum of 8. Larger groups than this might consider splitting up and booking 2 slots.


Is there an age limit? Can I bring kids or babies?

Our puzzles are designed primarily for adults, and while kids can certainly have fun in the room, children under 10 will likely be frustrated and are discouraged from participating. We also don’t recommend bringing babies, as they can make focusing on the puzzles extremely difficult, but they are not prohibited. If you are bringing children under the age of 14, we encourage you to book the entire room.


How much does it cost?

Our Room runs cost $25 per person. You can also book the entire room for $150 for the first 4 people, and $10/person above that, up to the Room maximum.


Where are you located?

Trapdoor Escape Rooms is located at 436 Charnelton St. in Eugene, OR. Parking is available along 4th Ave. at the corner with Charnelton, and our entrance is on the north side of the building (facing Skinner Butte). Look for our logo in the window by the parking lot.  


How do I make a reservation?

Just use the convenient booking page in our website. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance.


How can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?

Using our booking page, you may change your reservation as long as it is more that 48 hours before your scheduled event. We offer a 50% refund for cancelations more than 48 hours in advance of your reservation, and no refund within 48 hours of the reservation. You may, however, sell or gift your reservation to another person.


Can I reserve a slot outside of your normal hours?

Often we can happily accommodate requests outside our usual schedule. Send us an email ( to inquire about a custom time for your group.


Can I show up at the door?

Because of the advance nature of our reservation system, we only staff for known appointments, and spontaneous walk-ins can’t typically be accommodated. 


What should I bring when I come to the Rooms?

Your own brain and those of your teammates are the critical pieces to solving the room. However, you should wear comfortable clothing, and some reading is necessary in the Rooms, so bring glasses if you need them.


Do I need any special knowledge or skills to solve the Rooms?

The puzzles in our Rooms are designed to test logic, observation, insight, communication and teamwork. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary to escape.


Is there a minimum or maximum size for a group?

The space available and puzzles vary from Room to Room. The Mystic’s Lair can accommodate 2-12 people, and The Toymaker’s Revenge is better suited to 3-8 people. Overcrowding a Room makes the experience chaotic and simply less fun for everyone playing. For this reason, we stick with our upper limits. Our minimum is usually 2 players - while very few groups this size have ever escaped, we’re not going to stop you from trying! Just remember, though, part of the fun in solving the puzzles is the dynamic synergy and interaction with multiple team members.


I’m worried about the security of my payment information. Is your site secure?

The reason you don't see the secure page icon on our web page is that the payment gateway is running on a widget within the framework of our page. The frame where you're entering your details is secure, but the URL in the address bar is for our page, not the widget. To see that explanation from Bookeo (our reservation vendor), you can click here:

There is also a link during the booking process that takes you to Bookeo's Trust Guard certificate: