The Toymaker's Revenge



You and a group of others have arrived at the doors of the factory of the world-famous Spielzeuger Toys. You are all heirs to the fortune of Gisilbert Spielzeuger, founder and owner of the company. 

Despite his commercial success Gisilbert, or "Uncle Gizmo", was long considered an odd and eccentric crackpot by the rest of the family. You knew very little of him before his recent passing when you were contacted by his lawyers under the term of his Last Will & Testament. From family gossip, you had the impression that Uncle Gizmo was simply a bitter old man; but now that he's listed you as an heir...  perhaps he had a generous side as well? 

His final instructions are to enter the basement of his toy factory and receive your share of inheritance. Perhaps that does sound a trifle ominous, but what's the worst that could happen?