Puzzle #01 Answer

Weekly Puzzle #1 Done!

No one took advantage of the first weekly puzzle discount. I know at least a couple of people were on the right track. Both a coworker at the library and my dad figured out that the longer numbers were ISBN numbers. Googling any of them would have turned up the book names, all of which are at the Eugene Public Library. As mentioned all 3 code blocks resulted in the same code, so if by some miracle someone actually checked out any of the books during the last week, there would still be others for people to find.

So if you figured out you were supposed to track down books, it wasn't too hard to figure out what the rest of the code was. P pointed to a particular page in each book, and the following LXXWXXLXX stood for Line, Word and Letter.

Decoding these would have resulted in the secret discount code BACON.


James Carwile