Puzzle #20 Answer

No one managed to solve our last puzzle. It was a little harder than some of our last ones. Let's take a look at the answer.

So we've got a bunch of dice, along with the kids from Stranger Things, as well as the Demogorgon. It's very apparent that there's a line of dice that stands out from the others. You might have tried this number as a discount code, but that would have been a little too easy. Many of you realized this was the first several digits of Pi, and if you tried 'pi' as a discount code you would have found that didn't work either. So what to try next?

The hint was the addition of the Stranger Things icons. If you've seen the show, or Googled it, you'd find that a big part of the show is this alternate world that the kids refer to as the 'upside down'. 

So rather than use the numbers on the top of the dice we can see, we want the numbers on the upside down face of the dice; the face against the table. 

Most people know that opposite sides of a 6-sided die add up to 7. There are several other types of dice on that table, and if you're not familiar with them you might need to do a little research online. Along with the 6-sider (or d6), there are d8, d10, d12 and a d20 in the line of dice. 

Most of the dice follow the same convention, in that opposite sides of the dice equal the sum of the highest and lowest numbers. d6: 7 (6+1); d10: 9 (9+0); d12: 13 (12+1); d20: 21 (20+1). For whatever reason, the d8 dice I had didn't follow this rule. I made sure to have enough of them in the picture oriented in various ways so that the opposing faces could be puzzled out. 

All that being said, the face down numbers worked out to 42960576. 

James Carwile