Puzzle #27

Five poker chips are arranged in a row as shown in the top figure below. The challenge is to move them so that they are arranged like the lower figure, in the fewest possible moves.

  1. The chips stay in a horizontal line with each other between moves. Gaps are allowed, except at the beginning and ending arrangements.
  2. You must move two chips at a time, and the pairs have to be touching and be different colors.
  3. The pairs must keep their orientation: the left stays on the left, and the right stays on the right.

The solution to this puzzle can be converted into a discount code, good for 15% off any reservation at Trapdoor Escape Rooms, by combining the digits in each pair (read left to right) into a number, and separating each move with a dash “-“. 

For example, if your first move shifted 2,3 to the right of 5, You’d have “23”. If you then moved 5,2 back to the left of 1, you’d have “23-52”. Keep building the code until you’ve got a solution.


James Carwile