Puzzle #11 Answer

You have to send the fastest elves over first, so they can be the fastest to relay the flashlight back. And you need to send the slowest elf across with Santa in the middle, so that Santa’s speed doesn’t slow anyone who could have been a lot faster. Here’s the answer:

  1. Send Razzle and Dazzle across - 2 minutes elapsed.
  2. Send Razzle back - 3 minutes elapsed.
  3. Send Santa and Jazzle across - 13 minutes elapsed.
  4. Send Dazzle back - 15 minutes elapsed.
  5. Send Razzle and Dazzle across again - 17 minutes elapsed!

Using the slowest walker on each of the five legs gives a code of D R S D D.

Of course, you could also send Dazzle back in step 2, and Razzle back in step 4. This would give an alternate code of D D S R D. Both worked and both got used! Well done to those puzzle solvers!

James Carwile