Puzzle #12

Two solutions to this puzzle as well - either will earn you a 15% discount on your next booking!

You have a blue rectangular block sitting on a 5x5 grid.

You can tip it, rolling it onto adjacent spaces. It only rolls; it may not slide. Also, it cannot roll over, or occupy, any spaces filled by the red blocks.

On its side, it occupies two squares. On end, it only takes up one square.

You must tip and roll it, navigating around the red blocks, to land the blue block, on end, sitting on the yellow square.

The solution to this week’s puzzle is the string of seven letters, in order, where the blue block must sit upright (on end) on during its shortest possible path to the yellow square.

The blue block, then, begins its journey upright on A, and finishes upright on T. 

James Carwile